Sunday, May 2, 2010

In Honor of National Scrapbooking Day 2010

I completed 2 - two page layouts this weekend to celebrate NSD.  Now mind you I purchased a kit entitled Miracle from Close to my Heart that included everything except ink and adhesive.  Boy, what a kit - I really loved this one.  From the beautiful B&T papers to the embellishments it is just so expertly put together!  Actually, it looks so much much more expensive than what I paid.

A week or so ago frequent visitor to this blog Barb of the blog Thought Connection shared a wonderful Heritage layout.  For a few minutes after viewing Barb's beautiful layout (that just happened to be digi btw) I mourned for the loss of my family's history to a freak electrical fire that took everything my grandparents had back in the Spring of 1976.  A few days later I remembered all the pictures my mother passed on to me a couple of years ago and while they are not the best snapshots they would at least let me start constructing something of a Turner Family history.  So here are the first pages of an album dedicated to my family's heritage.  While you can definitely see these designs on any CTMH customer's blog you probably can't know the love and pride I felt creating them and for that I am extremely proud.

Miracle Memories

First page is taken in the mid to late 1950's and is my teenaged mother posing with new kitchen appliances.  That stove lasted well into the late 70's.

Second page was taken on my parent's wedding day October 27, 1956.  Sadly, there are no surviving photos of my parents together on their wedding day.  My mother looks like a little girl to me ... times were so different then she was 16 and Dad was 18.  They spent their wedding night at my grandparents house sleeping in a room with 3 other people.  Imagine that in this day of stretch limos for proms!

Miracle Celebration

The first picture is my parents sometime mid to late 1950's.  This is one of my favorite photos of my parents.  They look so happy and my Mom looks quite chic with her blouse collar turned up.  After marrying they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where my Dad got a job that he worked at until a disability forced him to leave in the mid 1990's

The second picture I would imagine it's the same date frame as the others.  Their look is so 1950's.  My mom tells a story of how every dish they owned would be stored on the kitchen table as they couldn't afford a cabinet and her Daddy was their visiting and knocked the leg out from under the table and they lost everything.  Hard to imagine Dad made $36 a week and Mom babysat for extra money.

As always thanks for looking and yes HE stamps!


  1. Absolutely beautiful layouts! You did a fabulous job. It's so sad that so much of your family's pictures were lost. I think you did great with what you had to work with. The love you put into this project definitely shows!

  2. Ben, great use of these papers for the start of your family album! The pages turned out beautiful!!

  3. Hey...we got married on October 27th, too!!! Great layouts Ben! Glad you were inspired to start a family book!

  4. Awesome, Ben!! I am so glad I got you started on this. Let me tell you, it got me started, too!!! LOL One of the girls on Designer Digitals does fantastic heritage LO's and I had talked to her. She said to go on, that it helped her so much. So I went on there Thursday last week and am so hooked. I found my grandfather's WWI registration card and my other grandfather's draft card. Their actual signatures and all. Got to print them off. Have found so many relatives and have even received an email from one!! I am having a blast!!!

    That being said, I love these LO's I can tell they were done with pride. Isn't it fun?? I did one today of my DH's father. Like you, we have very few pics of him, so knowing I probably won't be doing another of him, there was real pride in doing this one!!

    These are all great and I look forward to seeing more of them. You did a beautiful job!

  5. Love these LOs! love, love, love the added colour of the 2nd one.

  6. Wow! How very special these pages are! I don't scrap book but really appreciate such heartfelt pages. TFS

  7. Ben these are fabulous! The layouts are spectacular and I just love the papers you used, so beautiful!!! I have been wanted to do something like this for a long time and I think you have inspired me to get started. I really want to put together a bunch of questions for my grandmother and my parents and have them answer them so I can have their hand written answers in the book too. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  8. Oh WOW Ben! These pages are amazing. I love that you've started a Heritage Album. I'm working on right now for my mother. It's my grandparents and my mom when she was a small child. Some of the pics are from the 20's and I'm just loving it!
    I really like the color you've used and the picture placements.
    How cool is that old fridge. Your mom is taller than it! Things are so different now.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful Layouts! I really need to start scrapping some of my heritage photos... thanks for the inspiration!!