Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Sundays, a card and toys in great peril! Oh my!

Well, it's a rainy Sunday here in CT.  David got himself a new Xbox360 game and he is way gone.  The kids got themselves some new toys thanks to Mamaw Neda (my mother) and they are way gone as well.  Which adds up to me getting some precious uninterrupted time to do a little paper crafting.  So, here's another pass at a Mother's Day card.  Wait, before I go into all that I have to share something.  As you may know the children came to be with us a year and a half ago and when they often play with their toys there would be great peril for the toys that could only be saved by repeated cries for "Mommy" and  "Daddy".  In the past two weeks that has subsided and Mommy has been replaced by their nickname for me "Bebee."  Now I am not sure what this means and am trying not to read alot into it, but I hope that it means on some level that they feel safe and know that they are and will be protected.  Then again, they could be calling out something all together different ... and I could be hearing what I want OR need to hear.

Okay, back to the project at hand.  This card went much easier than the other I last posted.  I suppose it's more my style or something.  I wonder if that's how one determines their creative style, does the project go easy?  Probably not, life is not suppose to be easy, right?  Anyway, the design is from Mary Fish's Stampin' Pretty blog AGAIN, she really does some wonderful things over there.  I spent far too much time on the ribbon.  The ribbon is SU's Whisper White Satin ribbon that I hand dyed Ruby Red - I wish I could say that it was an easy to do.  But that would be a huge freakin' lie.  This certainly wasn't my first time dying ribbon but I wanted a easier way to accomplish it and  read some obscure blog posting about using a marker instead of a reinker - let me just say that it was blotchy and looked awful.  Luckily I was able to simple wash the ribbon (after heat setting, not sure how that worked) and start over.  Take it from me using a reinker will save yourself a big mess of wasted time.

A Ruby Red Mother's Day

Paper:  Close to my Heart Topstich
Cardstock:  Close to my Heart White Daisy, Chocolate, Stampin' UP! Ruby Red
Stamps:  Close to my Heart Delight in Everything, Stampin' UP! Well Scripted
Ink:  Close to my Heart Chocolate, Stampin' UP! Ruby Red
Fibers:  Stampin' UP! Whisper White Satin Ribbon
Punch:  Stampin' UP! Scallop Edge Punch
Design:  Mary Fish, Stampin Pretty Blog

As always thanks for looking and yes HE stamps!


  1. GORGEOUS Ben!! I'm totally CASEing this!

  2. (and hey - I bet they DID say Bebee, and I WOULD take the slip as a sign of comfort, family, and safety net.)

  3. This is definitely my style, too. This would set me dancing!! Love the line flowers, the reds, and the bow was worth your time. I must be like you, too. I I have it perfect. It isn't always fun being anal, but I guess that is what makes us artists!! This is a perfect card!!

    Bebee. No error. It just takes kids a long time to feel comfort and security. Just keep on doing whatever you have been doing. It surely is working. And give them extra hugs!!!!

  4. That is awesome that the kids are settling in and feeling comfortable. I'm so happy for you. :) I love your card. The colors are just beautiful together. The ribbon turned out gorgeous! I love this stamp set too. It's one of my most stained (i.e. well loved) in my collection. I don't see myself parting with it anytime soon that's for sure!

  5. just beautiful, love the paper choice and colors you used, very nice.

  6. Can't decide which card I like better, this one or the other Mother's Day one. They are both great in very different ways! TFS.

  7. The ribbon looks great! You can't even tell it was Whisper White.

    You must be doing a great job with the kids. I think it shows their comfort level with you and indeed a feeling of security.

  8. Beautiful card! As much work as the ribbon was, it's SO pretty!

  9. This is a beautiful card. The ribbon looks amazing, just as if it came out of the package this way!
    As for your nickname Bebee. I think they've just created a pet name for you from Benjamin. Bebee ends with the same sound as Mommy or daddy, so I like to think that you mean as much to them as the other words!
    My son has a security blanket he calls "Galee"!
    Whatever that stands for my hubby and I have no idea, but his "Galee" means the world to him. And Bebee, you mean the world to your children.