Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Savings

For the month of September I am offering a discount on all Stampin' UP! products. Receive 20% off merchandise (tax & shipping still apply at regular rates.) There is no minimum purchase required and all purchases must be made through me rather than the SU website.

Thanks for looking and yes HE stamps!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A flip album

Well, the project without end ... was completed yesterday. I finished the vacation flip album that was long overdue for my mother's birthday. I spent so much time making this little book and I know my poor mother is not going to look at much other than her great-grandchildren's pictures. I've gotten requests to make two more of these little "beauties." Hopefully I will find ways to improve the process and get it going at a quicker pace. I couldn't post all the pictures here on the blog but created a slideshow on Flickr that you are welcome to take a look at. Be warned some of the photos aren't the best, but the album has been mailed off and it's all I have to show at this point.

I'm going to skip listing all the details of the products used in the album - there's just too much to list. If there is something that you can't identify just drop me a note.

Thanks for looking and yes HE stamps!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flip, Embellishing and Confessions

So my poor mother's birthday was August 31 and I've yet to finish her gift. I decided to make her a flip album of the kids on our recent vacation. I envisioned it to be so simple, something I could breeze through. Boy, was I wrong. It's like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and actually work on it - I loose focus like a first grader. I don't know what is the problem ... well, actually I do. Confession time -- I am a horrible buyer of embellishments ... I stand in the store or look at them in the cattie and think I could make that cheaper, which of course I CAN'T. Right now I would give my right arm for some On Board Batch of Blooms, So Tweet, or Essentials ...

Meanwhile, I plug along, finishing one page every day or two ... pathetic I know. I'll post something when and if I ever finish this project.

Thanks for looking and yes HE (sometimes) stamps!