Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flip, Embellishing and Confessions

So my poor mother's birthday was August 31 and I've yet to finish her gift. I decided to make her a flip album of the kids on our recent vacation. I envisioned it to be so simple, something I could breeze through. Boy, was I wrong. It's like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and actually work on it - I loose focus like a first grader. I don't know what is the problem ... well, actually I do. Confession time -- I am a horrible buyer of embellishments ... I stand in the store or look at them in the cattie and think I could make that cheaper, which of course I CAN'T. Right now I would give my right arm for some On Board Batch of Blooms, So Tweet, or Essentials ...

Meanwhile, I plug along, finishing one page every day or two ... pathetic I know. I'll post something when and if I ever finish this project.

Thanks for looking and yes HE (sometimes) stamps!


  1. You know, you are pretty funny because I think the same thing about making my own embellishments and never get around to it either, LOL! Go ahead and just splurge, I did and I felt better! Love what you have done so far! I am sure your mother will love it!!!


  2. We're waiting to see how it turned out. I think "He Stamps" and sometimes "He Scraps". Lol! Looks great so far! I've been wanting to make one of those flip albums too. I like how you cut out the photo with the Top Note Die. I haven't cut out photos with mine yet. That'll be my next challenge.

  3. Hey that is so cool! Embellishments?? I don't have a lot....I am not really a flower person...I do have a lot of the chipboard stuff but I take them out and have a tough time making them work! This is great..I will have to check out the flip album!

  4. This is so cool! She is going to love it! Have a wonderful weekend!