Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughts or prayers

Yesterday afternoon we got the word that the doctor's are unable to do anything further for David's sister Eileen.  Hospice has been called in and Eileen has opted to remain at home.  The overwhelming shock that the family is experiencing along with sadness and grief is almost too much.  And so soon to the passing of their mother Virginia this past fall.  We leave on Saturday to make the trek down to Florida in hopes of spending some quality time how brief it may be with Eileen.

Your thoughts or prayers during this horrible time would be appreciated.


  1. Prayers are surely with Eileen and all of you, Ben. It is times like these that words can't convey what our heart is feeling.

    Please pass on to David that I will be praying for his sister and for him and all of you through this terrible time.

    Please take care and drive carefully.

  2. Thoughts & prayers for all involved Ben. I hope Eileen's remaining time is peaceful and painless. Have a safe trip.

  3. Thoughts and prayers for you all Ben. Please drive careful. There are no words that can make any of you feel better. Just know that you and your family are in the thoughts and prayers of many and that you are loved.

  4. Ben,

    I am so sorry to hear this. Your family has been through so much since I have gotten to know you. My prayers are with you all. Sending you all lots of hugs. Have a safe trip.

  5. Ben, I'll be praying for Eileen and the family at this difficult time.

  6. my prayers to you and your family.

  7. Praying for you and hoping that all is going as well as can be expected in such trying times.