Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well, updates.

Well ... anytime someone starts with "Well" you know it's not going to be good.  Last week I saw a challenge on Splitcoast Stampers entitled "The Man in my Life."  So me being me I thought I could whip this one out in a day or so ... I mean I have the best partner in the world and all.  Then life reared her big old ugly bleached head and everything just crashed to a halt.

David is in the midst of a heavy grieving period for his mother (6th month anniversary of her passing.) His sister Eileen's leukemia is back and the bone marrow doctor (pardon my ignorance of his true medical title) is saying there is nothing to be done.  So it would appear that poor David has starting his grieving process for Eileen now.  The children got a phone call that I mistakenly thought would make them happy and I'm learning otherwise with regression issues and anger.  It's a shambles around here.  One of the cats is ill, we suspect one of the dogs is ill and two others are just christening everything for the fun of it.  It's bad folks.

So I don't have anything to show you.  The layout I mentioned earlier lays incomplete of journaling and of all things a title.  Creating is a bit forced at the moment, organic thought and action don't seem to be connecting.  Hopefully, everything will become copacetic again.  For now, thank you for stopping by, reading my ramblings and looking at my creations ... your support and kind words means more to me than I can express.


  1. Oh my, Ben. Things certainly are not good for you and David. I will keep all of you in prayer. It seems that all that could be or go wrong has done that.

    Hang tight. Breathe deeply. Keep your mind open and your patience at the front!!! This is going to be a rough one, but you can make it, and will make it.

    Come back and blog when you can. We will be here for you to bounce things off of. Take care of yourself, too!

  2. Hi Ben, I just found your blog again after a few months and read of what is happening in your life right now. I am sorry to hear of this and it just sucks because there is no words that can fix only know that there are people out here in blog land that do understand and wish the best at this time for you and your entire family.


  3. Ben, I'm so sorry you're going through so much right now. Hang in there, and be strong for yourself and your partner. He's going to need you to be strong. Remember to take care of yourself too. If you need to have some time for yourself, make sure that you take some - even if it's just to talk and vent. Hang in there.

  4. Ben, I am so sorry about all you, David and the kids are going through at the moment. I am sending you lots of hugs and hope that things will get better for you all quickly. Try to stay strong and remember, if you need to, you can always shoot me an e-mail to vent.


  5. I'm sorry for the recent loss and diagnosis. :(

  6. I hope things are going better for you. I hate when life just happens all at once. Sending big hugs and well wishes your way. :)