Friday, October 9, 2009

Final Stampin' UP! Post

Well, I resigned from Stampin' UP! this week. It was time ... just never really came to fruition for me. I kept myself in business as long as I could then had to admit when it was becoming far too much of a burden for the family. I would like to continue to buy SU products occasionally but it will be doubly difficult to pay full retail after having that 20% demo discount.

Perhaps to celebrate my independence from the controversial IDA I went to a brick & mortar stamp store. The store Beautiful Impressions is here in Connecticut. The store is located in a beautiful old building in a town called Westbrook. It was filled with so many wonderful things for stampers, so different from the big box stores. The owner is a woman named Teri (last name escapes me) who was so knowledgeable and helpful (much different than scrapbook stores IMO.) Amongst my purchases was a beautiful little stamp entitled "Words to Birds Collage" by Memorybox Stamps that is so unique. I'm using this stamp for the bereavement thank you cards for David's family. I'll post the finished project soon.

To close up this post I just wanted to stay to everyone who has supported and encouraged me along the road of Stampin' UP! a big thank you and if you're able keep an eye out for me -- I'm not going away!


  1. Hey Benjaman! Keep creating!!! Beautiful Impressions is a wonderful store! If you are interested in teaching even though you are not a demo, there are lots of opportunities! Try Senior Centers, Adult Education....the ones I teach at pay something towards my time as well as cover materials and it is fun...and very rewarding! Keep posting!!!

  2. Hi! I just wanted to wish you good luck with whatever is coming next... on to the bigger and the better! I do hope you'll post your cards from time to time though... I loved to see art from your point of view.

  3. Hi Ben,

    I know that this was a difficult decision for you to make but can understand where you are coming from, family comes first. I hope that you keep creating and post your projects as I love your creativity! Please keep in touch, you know how to reach me!!!