Saturday, August 15, 2009

The road to a long overdue vacation

Well, we debated and debated and decided on Thursday to go to Florida for the coming week. We left this morning and checked into a mid-point room just 30 minutes ago (12:09 am EST.) Traffic has been unbearable. The kids having been doing well considering all things. Kammie simply refuses to use most potty's so that's a ton of fun. Jasey is hungry and wants a DVD playing at all times.

I really tired to use this as an opportunity to get away from "IT" all but I had to bring a bag of crafting goodies. So I decided to take this time away to get in some practice with my marker coloring skills. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please, please pass them along. If anything worthwhile comes up I'll post it if I brought the correct cables.

Update on David's sister Eileen she is in complete remission. She is out of the hospital, although staying at a hotel nearby. She starts a mega round of chemo on August 19. So seeing her really prompted this visit to Florida and taking the kids to Disney World.

Thanks for looking and yes HE stamps!


  1. Don't have any ideas for coloring, BUT wanted to say have a safe and wonderful trip and prayers for Eileen....

  2. Hi Ben! Sorry to hear the trip was a little rough! Hope you enjoy your time in Florida though. I'll keep Eileen in my thoughts.

  3. Hi Ben, hope you have a great time in Disney. It is our favorite place to vacation! I am so happy about Eileen being in remission and hope that things continue to go well. Drop me a line when you get back.